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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Window: Before and After



Finally all the windows in the living room has been replaced... a year and lots of patience later. Thanks to my wonderful husband.

So we were stuck with 3 pairs of old windows. Well, just 2 pairs since the first window was replaced a year ago.

This is the front view of the upper part of the window and the lower part has nine squares instead of six. 

Back view of the same window. 

Closer view. 

This was the only hardware that had to be removed to begin cleaning and taping. 

Plan. I really wanted to make something special out of this junk. Something useful to me or to somebody in the family. I have thought of painting both sides and attaching  cork board, magnetic dry erase stuff and/or painting chalkboard paint on those squares and turn it into a message center of some sort.

I have also thought of attaching pictures of our family and make it a big wall collage. Another idea was some wall decals instead of pictures. I searched the world wide web (yes, I had to type that out because "googled" is not a verb according to microsoft), I searched through Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

I finally decided to turn this into a wall piece for my sister-in-law. I know that description didn't help.

I removed the hardware, I cleaned the window with damp washcloth, let it dry and cleaned again.

Then I taped the edges of the glass squares. Pre-treated the wood (front side), let it dry then stained it.

window cleaned and ready to be pre-treated

I then printed out names of family members on scrapbook paper and attached names to each glass squares. I used clear contact paper for this and attached the names from behind so the glass can still be cleaned with any glass cleaner from the front. 

The final product. 

Total cost:
$7.47 for clear contact paper

I am in the process of prepping the bigger window (pre-treating, staining and attaching stuff for wall hanging). I will leave the glass squares as is and give it to a co-worker. And because her mom has nine grandkids she is planning on giving it to her mom with pictures or hand prints from all the grandkids. Neat idea.


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