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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Natural & Cheap Facial Skin Care

It was time to purchase a new bottle of night time moisturizer. I don't like the oily kind because for some reason after the kids were born, my skin has turned from being annoyingly oily to really dry. Also, I don't like wearing moisturizer during the day cause when I sweat... oh boy! I sweat easily.

After browsing around for a possible Olay 7 anti-aging night time moisturizer, I stumbled upon a couple of websites with information on making your own natural and cheap facial products. gave me a quick lesson about carrier oils, basic essential oils and its benefits and how to make your own natural moisturizer. It also briefly discusses the chemistry behind "like dissolves like" thus "oil dissolves oil". The Oil cleansing method was also thoroughly discussed on this website.


Sweet almond oil: I chose this as the carrier oil because of its properties and benefits. I also like that it is not very greasy and it is good for those suffering from eczema. My son gets eczema flare ups during the cold season.

Rosehip seed oil: after doing some research and with the help of my sister Janie I chose this oil specially for my acne scars from pregnancy and dull skin.

Taken from
  Rosehip seed oil: A rich, amber colored organic oil from the ripened fruit of the famed Rosehip, also known as Rosa Mosqueta. This unique oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids and has carried much respect amongst professional journals and organizations as being a great agent in the fight against dry, weathered, and dehydrated skin. It works wonders on scars and is the predominant oil used for treating wrinkles and premature aging. Can be used in all fine skin care recipes.

Sources: I found sweet almond oil by accident (or fate) at Walmart. An 8.45 oz bottle was only $5.48. 

Which translates to 1 fl.oz for $0.65only. 

Rosehip seed oil at Whole Foods was $5.17 for 1 fl. oz bottle. 

Whole foods is quite expensive. You can buy it online for $2.31 for 1 fl oz + shipping. 

Formula: Both almond oil and rosehip oil are carrier oils however, because of the price of RH oil, I decided to dilute it in sweet almond oil. Three parts of almond oil to 1 part rosehip oil. 
homemade natural facial moisturizer

Facial Cleanser
EVOO: homemade moisturizing cleanser
Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That's it! That's all! And you can get this 3L bottle for $14.98 at Sam's Club.  


At night, I wet my face with warm tap water then I apply EVOO to my skin by rubbing it in circular motion massaging my face up to jaw line. Then I wet wash cloth with warm to hot water but not scalding and rest the warm wash cloth on my face until it reaches room temperature. I then use the same wash cloth to wipe off cleanser gently. That's all. If you have dry skin like mine, you will right away notice how different your skin feels. If it feels greasy, just let the oil soak in. 

In the morning, it is not necessary to wash your face again unless it feels dry. 

Immediately after washing EVOO off, I put a few drops of my homemade moisturizer on my fingertip and apply it all over my face and neck. I also apply some on my recent surgery scar and my 5-yr old stretch marks (stripes and dots, according to my kids). Although I don't apply it on the scars and stretch marks all the time because I don't have plans of wearing 2-pc swimsuit anytime in the future anyway. 

I do use it on both my upper arm to help with a hereditary skin condition I have called Keratosis Pilaris.

I never expected any major change, all I cared was that my skin was not dry during the day. 

A week or so after using both my homemade natural cleanser and moisturizer, I noticed my pores are no longer noticeable, no more oily spots around the base of my nose and under my lower lip, lines are finer and my skin was absolutely supple. It felt so good. I only use eye make-up so I am not sure how well it works with make-up or foundation. Although I have read they work just fine. 

Anyway, I was shocked and pleased at how good my skin felt. The rough, bumpy and dry arms? I would say it has improved by 50%. I don't use it on my arms often either. I let hubby feel my face and he was impressed. I have been begging him to try it but he was hesitant until the day he noticed and felt the difference on my face. He started using it and liked it. 

Now, I use the cleanser and the moisturizer everyday. Day and night. I also mix EVOO with commercial lotion at night on dry elbows and knees. 

Next time I will try EVOO and Rosehip oil for the moisturizer since it is way more economical and I will increase amount of RH oil in the mixture. 

Oh yeah, and I still sweat a lot specially when I am in the gym. The very reason why I want to use the machine right under or close to a fan or those that come with fans unless I am watching my kids at the pool. So yeah, I still sweat but because my skin is so hydrated, I can feel my sweat just roll down my face. 

The oil cleansing method is something really good for teenagers to try with acne-prone skin. 



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