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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow day project: priceless...

And so after a long drought, we finally got a substantial amount of moisture... snow. And with that comes snow days for kids.

The weekend of President's Day we got a 4-day weekend. Back to school on a Tuesday and then again Wednesday, then we got snowed in. Off from school, Thursday and Friday. And weekend rolls in, and here we are again, awaiting another snowstorm.  I was getting ready for the kids to go to school tomorrow, lunch prepared, bathed and fed early and bed by 7:30 pm.

Then the email comes... no school tomorrow. Just what I hoped after watching the radar.

Thus, with all this boredom... kids and I have spent most of our days in the office (the warmest room in the house) where they can play the wii or the computer and I can surf the net, work on my worksheets and meal planning inside a "closet". A closet converted into my own space.

The kids used to share a card table as their homework table/desk. But after having it for almost a year, I got tired of it, it's filled with paint smudges, glue and it's wobbly and black and huge and ugly and it accumulates stuff.

So I folded it and tucked it away. But my dear daughter always loves to draw something. But nowhere to do it now that the table is tucked away.

Solution: a file drawer, sterilite drawers, which we have a lot of, wired shelving with laminate that I bought 2 yrs ago from a garage sale and some existing printed contact paper from Dollar Tree.

No I do not have a Before picture for this project. I don't plan this, it was random, spontaneous.


This is my daughter's side of the L-shaped desk. The drawer under the printer holds recycled papers (top), printing papers (middle) and used papers (bottom). The printer has a long usb extension so it can reach anywhere in the room without having to move a computer.

 And my son's side of the desk. The 2-stack drawer on the right side holds wii games (top drawer) and remotes and accessories (bottom). The brown basket holds their Sega game and their Atari II.

We converted one of the sterilite drawers to a lego storage.

 On this desk is where we have our charging station. A plastic container from Dollar Tree for $.50.


Next to it is a tomato paste can reused as a pen holder to hold the kids' white board markers.

These are regular 3-stack sterilite drawers that we have around the house covered in a Dollar Tree printed contact paper. I love these prints.

I love how it turned out. The kids love that they have their own desks.


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