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One of my favorites. So fast and easy to make especially in the summer when nobody wants to turn on their stove. Well I did turn on my convection oven to cook the bacon. But other than that, it was a flash to make. 

The next one sure doesn't need any cooking. Steam beans in the microwave and that's about it if you call that cooking. I am guilty for adding fish sauce to this very healthy meal.

Nothing different on this third one but the cheese. 

Any form of chicken, tuna or meatless salad wrapped in lettuce. 

Everything leafy found in this salad came straight from my small garden. Good with zesty italian dressing or
olive oil and salt.  

I first tried this when I was little. Radish salad is what we call it. It goes really well with grilled meat and/or fish. The saltiness of the protein blends well with the sweet and sour flavor of this salad. I tried this with tortilla chips not too long ago and definitely good.