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Monday, February 25, 2013

One less tooth

This morning, just like any other mornings without school, the kids came into our room right when they got off bed. But today, they came in running and talking together at 120 mph. "Tor has a loose tooth"

I was excited more than any of my kids were, or so it felt that way.

Let's back off a minute. Ever since the kids had friends in their class with loose or missing tooth, they have been so wanting to have one too. Iza has been trying so hard to wiggle her tooth. Since the dental hygienist told her she will loose a tooth soon (in around a year), she has declared she has one.

Let's rewind a lot of years back. I and most Filipino kids have not heard of the word "tooth fairy" growing up. It is not a tradition we follow or something we believe in. I don't exactly remember what we did with our teeth but I remembered something like burying it on the trunk of a tree... any tree. I am not sure if we ever practiced that or it was a story I heard. Pffft! that was 30 something  years ago.

This afternoon, while the kids were busy in the office, hubby and I decided we chill and watch a movie together on Netflix. The door to our room was slightly ajar so the kids gets a chance to knock and we pause whatever movie we were watching.

Halfway through the movie, the kids came rushing in....again. This time with a tooth on Tor's hand. "Tor's tooth fell off", Iza declared.

I jumped out of the bed, instructed hubby to get him a glass of cold weather for him to gargle while I went to grab my camera. This was a big thing to me! It honestly was.. I guess it has subsided a bit. But it felt like my kids are growing up so fast I am at a loss for words.

 Then I pulled my mobile phone, snapped a picture of my first toothless kid and sent that image to Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines and Florida. Then same picture went to in-laws in town.

Tooth fairy. I had to ask Joe how it was done. But we decided to go a different way. Because he already declared to Tor this morning that tooth fairies are not real.They took it pretty well though. Now we are worried they will tell their friends about it. Oh well...

So we decided we start a tradition. I don't really call it a tradition. We only have two kids, and there will only be one "first" for each of them.

We had chocolate mix in the cupboard and cookies n' cream ice cream. Hubby decided we'll celebrate.

And I thought we should let the kid write a note about the event. Then I keep it in an envelope with a picture of the first toothless smile and keep it in their memory box.

He requested a paper with a clone trooper on it so I had to find one online.
 My Twinkies enjoying their sweets.